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Baby Wearing for Your and Your Baby’s Spine

This article is of my personal and professional opinion having worn my baby from birth and considering my own and my baby’s spine as a chiropractor. As such I have not included references but have linked to many websites with…

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Severe spinal pain and body pain after epidural injection during labour

I have started to come across a lot of women who have had epidurals during labour. It’s not surprising, I┬ábelieve I read that one in three labouring women will have an epidural. With 30-50% of labours ending in Caesarian sections,…

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Otitis Media (Ear Infections) in children

The inner ear structure and the vertebra of the upper neck are very closely related physically, and if there are restrictions in the joints and muscles (and lymphatic system) of the area, it can lead to restriction of the drainage…

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